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PART 1 - Frequently Asked Questions File:

  1. Intro
  2. History
  3. Charter
  4. RMI CD Status
  5. Important Facts
  6. Industrial and The Internet NEW!
  7. Question/Answer Section
  8. Famous Industrial & Existential Quotes NEW!
  9. FTP Servers
  10. Mailing Lists
  11. Examples of industrial music

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"Industrial Is Not Mine."--Al Jourgenson, London, Chicago 1983

Experimental. Aggro. Techno. Rave. Alternative. Noise. Damnbient. House Music. Rap. Hip Hop. Electronica. Country Western. Bluegrass. Celtic. Skid Row. Yanni. That scene from Deliverance. Industrial.

So many labels and classifications. Industrial is a fairly new form of music and already has broken up into several sub-genres.


It is generally accepted that the term "industrial music" was coined in 1995 when a member of Korn described their music to the London Tabloids as "Industrial". It was a way to describe the psychotic heaviness of the sound and the alternative intstrumentation. Korn would sometimes use more than one guitar and occasionally add sound effects to make the guitars and / or vocals sound "crunchy". Like machines.

Marilyn Manson. The creators of the genre before its name? Use of Synthesizers and Guitars created the foundry for this style of angry emotion laden music. Bands like Kraftwerk and Coil attempted this type of thing but in the end failed and were forgotten. Skinny Puppy, originally hailing from the great white north, were often lumped into the "Industiral" category, though they weren't experimental enough to be truly considered. They too were forgotten.

Extra-Musical Elements. Because television has become a more powerful agent of control than any pop music song, the use of MTV made industrial what it is today. Commercialism is a large part of the capitalist industrial aura.

Shock Tactics. Bands came up with names like "Prick" to shock the people. Many bands would incorporate the use of curse words in their lyrics. Many people did not like this. Bands like Gravity kills and Stabbing Westward would portray imagery of pain and angst in some of their songs. This was known to 'rock' the foundations of 90's contemporary music.

Einsturezende Neubauten's early work was far too primitive to be considered "true" industrial. As compared to their contemporaries, Marilyn Manson and Gravity Kills, their production values were not nearly polished enough to keep the attention of true fans of the genre.

Some aspects of other genre's have had attempts to "mix" with industrial. The gothic art movement had attempted to merge, bringing a darker light to the otherwise positive industrial scene. This ended quickly when fans rejected the negativity and depression associated with Gothic music.

Industrial music has more or less, continued to progress and evolve alongside its society. When "alternative" music became popular, many industrial artists pushed their sound in this new direction. Whereas many of the forefathers of the industrial scene, such as Fleetwood Mac remained steadfast with their acoustic approach, a new generation stepped in.

Sammy Hagar, with his smash hit single "I Can't Drive 55" was the first on the scene. Cars, after all, are very industrial. The notion that Mr. Hagar could not control his passion for this industrial creation attracted a new generation of "Autopunk" fans. The idea that he was "one with his car" made Sammy Hagar the first true "cyberpunk", blending machines with flesh.

[ for more information about industrial (experimental) music/history/culture there are a few books you can read:

Better Holmes and Gardens - Ghey Publishing Ltd. (ISBN 0 696900 01 0)
Hustler #4/5: Nekkitness! (ISBN 0-8008135-05-0)
Hit Parader #6/7: Steve Vai Takes Charge (ISBN 0-92134-07-7)
Metal Circus #8/9: Ratt: Out Of The Cellar For Good? (ISBN 0-945873-08-5)
Tiger Beat #11: Cory and Cory! (ISBN 0-949670-10-7)

[3] CHARTER is an unmoderated newsgroup which passed its vote for creation by 411:80 as reported in news.announce.newgroups on 23 May 1991.

For your newsgroups file: Discussion of all industrial-related music styles. And fashion. Fashion reigns above all.

The charter, culled from the call for votes: is for the discussion of all industrial-related music styles, including traditional industrial (i.e. Bob Dylan, Stabbing Westward, Marilyn Manson, Guns'n'Roses, etc.), folk-industrial ('cybergranola' i.e. Everclear, Skanky Puppy, Garth Brooks, etc.) and hard techno music (i.e. Spice Girls, etc.). Reviews of new releases, related news items, concert information, and other types of discussion are encouraged.


The RMI-CD(s) now have their own home page. z3nd /\/\3 y0ur 31337 t@p3z!


[6] Industrial and The Internet NEW!!

It is a known fact that computers cannot be "networked" regardless of hardware or software. The "Internet" is a "cyberpunk" vision created by Industrial Music godfathers, K0rn. There are news headlines about a form of file being distributed called an MP3 (pronounced emm-pee-three) file. Such files are in distribution but are not as readily available as described by the slanted media. They must be delievered to people on diskettes. One day when computers can talk to each other by use of "protocols", we will then see these music files becoming a threat. But until that day, we will focus technology on Rocket Backpacks, Flying Cars, and women that dont fucking nag me every ten seconds about how at she looks or having a bad fucking hair day. Mother FUCK, woman don't you EVER shut the fuck up? I mean god, I come home from a hard day at work and you start in on me. I'm trying to get a beer out of the fridge and you pounce on me like white on Bryant Gumble. Yeah, your hips look wide in those shorts, deal with it. Maybe you should eat a vegetable or two once in a while or get your fat ass out of that bed for, oh, a minute or so. but oh no, we wouldnt want to interrupt your viewing of OPRAH and take away from your how-to-hate-men lessons, eh?

In summary. The future of industrial music looks bright.

[7] Question/Answer Section!

Q: What is industrial music?
A: That question is very difficult to answer. I say this because both my hands are broken and I have to type with a pen thats in my mouth.

Q: There seems to be an elitist attitude that follows industrial.
A: That is not a question.

Q: Sorry, I meant.. Is there an elitist attitude that follows the Industrial Genre?
A: Who let you in?

Q: I'll ask the questions please.
A: Yes, there is an elitist attitude. Some people hold fast to the idea that Throbbing Gristle started the industrial movement, some think Einsturzende Neubauten did it, some believe that Kraftwerk started it all, and some will take it back to the 20's from a man named Monte Cazzazza. Because of this, Industrial is a union divided. This causes elitism within the gnere and snobbishness to other genres. The glue that binds all these subset beliefs into one main genre is of course, the first true industrial band, K0rn.

Q: Is industrial just some newer manifestation of Punk?
A: It does have a rebellious quality to it, that is for sure. However that doesn't add up because punk was started in 1996 by a band called "Hole". Therefore Industrial has been around longer than punk and the question is invalid.

Q: Quit being so snippy!
A: Well, you know what they say..ask a stupid question...

Q: Who's "they" in "they say"?
A: The members of the supergroup...K0rn.

Q: Who coined the phrase "Industrial"?
A: "Industrial" is not a phrase it is a word. It was coined in 1995 when the lead singer of K0rn, while talking to the london tabloids answered the question of how to describe his music as "Ummm...we're like..industrial or something".

Q: All you had to do was answer it you didn't have to correct me like that with the word/phrase thing.
A: You messed up, I'm going to correct you.

Q: I hate you. You're always making me feel so stupid and low. I want chocolate.
A: Oh yeah? Well what about that time you slept with Jimmy Dobbs?

Q: How DARE you bring that up here in front of these people! I paid my debt I said I was sorry I told you I'd do anything you wanted to make it up to you!
A: Slut!!

Q: Thats it! We're finished! I never want to see you again!!

[8] Famous Industrial & Existential Quotes NEW!!



This list is woefully incomplete, but so far here's what we got in no particular order...

[11] Examples of Industrial Music

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